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Q: Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

A: Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to increase ranking position in search engines which increases targeted site traffic and ultimately grows customer sales and leads.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a series of strategies and methods implemented on a web site to increase its ranking in search engine result pages, or SERPs. The goal is to optimize a site in a way which search engines will notice it, consider it relevant to the search query and rank it in one of the top ranking positions to increase traffic to the site and ultimately produces leads and conversions.

Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Importance
Understanding the Significance of SEO to Boost Traffic is Critical to Online Success.


Increasing Website Ranking will increase traffic

The higher a website ranks in search engine results, the more clicks they receive. Data from one click through rate study supports the idea that searchers rarely click on a site that isn’t in the top spots in search results. If your site is not listed in the top five, it’s not likely to get even a glance from searchers, let alone a click.

Web searchers tend to trust sites listed in the top results sensing these hold the valuable information they are looking for as if those descending in the results each have less relevant information and their content is not as important as those among the top few listings. This may or may not be true, but data supports the idea that users will click on higher ranked sites and are likely to pursue another search over moving past page one in the search results. The goal of search engine optimization expert is to get your site on the first page in the top ranking, and in the top three ideally. Users respect the top three rankings and ranking your site there will increase traffic.

SEO and SEM is a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Traditional marketing efforts such as TV, radio or print ads are not only expensive but do not have the ROI they used to have. PPC was the go-to online marketing solution for quite some time, but research has begun to show it does not yield the desired results it used to. PPC campaigns increasingly fail to convert. Today’s top marketing strategies include ongoing efforts focused on building links and content creation. These are two tangible properties that can be leveraged as part of an SEO or SEM marketing campaign bearing measurable results. When you can set a goal, reach for it and measure its effectiveness you’ve got something worth investing in, something you can trust to have a return. That’s cost-effective marketing that works for you.

Save Money With SEO
Optimization is Essential For Search Engine Ranking.


Effective Use of Current Marketing Collateral

You invested time, effort and money in creating your website and social media accounts. Now it’s time to leverage these platforms and look at them as marketing assets rather than just something you have to maintain. Leveraging them successfully involves SEO and link building. Without either of these well-developed strategies, let’s face it, your site won’t rank, and you won’t get traffic. You have marketing collateral sitting online not working for you. Implementing a targeted organic SEO services strategy leverages your site so that it works for you by ranking it high in SERPS. Without optimization, there will be no ranking in the SERPs, no traffic, and no income. With SEO, you’ll increase in ranking, they will click, and you’ll realize more ROI.

Reach Targeted Consumers Searching For You

Consumers are constantly searching online via tablet, computer, or mobile phone and search engines answer them by giving them what they are looking for. A fully optimized site helps search engines match the searcher with the product or service they desire. A targeted national SEO campaign will use the targeted keywords users are entering into search engines to look for the goods or services you can provide for them. Ads are more general in nature, but SEO optimizes your site with specific information and keywords to help find consumers who want what you have to offer.

To show them what you have to offer, you want your site to be in the top results. Ads are no longer effective at reaching today’s largely mobile audience. Internet users are looking for specific answers and the optimization on your site helps search engines locate exactly what they are looking for. When users are looking for something in particular and find it on your site via search engine result pages, that’s effective marketing. Website optimization helps consumers find your website and what you have to offer.

Explantion of SEO Importance
Cost-savings and High Impact Web Marketing Are Key Attributes of an SEO Campaign.


SEO Is Measurable

SEO is remarkably measurable. In depth analytics can give you exact numbers on who clicked and visited your site. Data indicate where they came from, how long they stayed, and any actions they took while on the site. A search optimization agency can see and track each and every site interaction. This measurable data lets you know what works and what doesn’t so your marketing campaigns can become more targeted, your sales funnel more precise and all your marketing efforts can be focused on what works which translates to more ROI.

SEO Is Better than Paid Traffic (PPC)

PPC has seen its heyday and is in a state of great decline. Users have become numb to adverts online and largely ignore them. They are far more likely to click on a ranking site as to divert to an ad. The ads have trained users to avoid them since PPC ads no longer take a user to a specific page containing what they were looking for. Instead, they lead the user on a goose chase through a series of clicks before they find their solution. This has become ineffective as users become aware the ad doesn’t lead them to a solution, just more clicks. However, a website’s ranking is the result of a complex algorithm used to award that top position to a deserving site and declare it as relevant to the search query and that it holds the answer to the initial search. Top positions in the SERPS are indicators that a site is relevant and focused on the answer to the query.