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Site Optimization for Top Search Engine Ranking

SEO consists of a detailed process of building site authority and relevancy for specific search queries.

At Crevand we break our SEO services campaigns into several categories of site analysis to optimize each key aspect of Search Engine Optimization in order to satisfy each element of a search algorithm.

Services for organic SEO drive more traffic to websites than any other digital marketing strategy.

SEO Services
A Site Audit Looks at On-Page SEO and Off-Page Ranking Attributes To Increase Site Online Visibility


Site Audit

A site audit involves a detailed analysis of industry competition and a site investigation looking at over 100 key SEO ranking attributes that affect search engine ranking. More than just keyword research this involves determining the intent behind search terms and how client offerings can be better positioned for more targeted searches. As a data-driven SEO agency, we pride ourselves on our data, metrics, and information analysis that drives client success.

Site Content Analysis

Google ranks web pages, not keywords. Content is the driving factor behind top-ranking web pages. Web pages that accurately solve a search query, offer valuable insight to consumers or that can help a consumer make more educated decisions or purchases will rank higher than sales pages. Looking at page structure, content and layout we can find areas of optimization to increase search visibility.

Inbound Link Portfolio Examination

Inbound links or backlinks build website authority and prominence. A link counts as a popularity vote for the value and quality of a website. Not all links are equal with some having greater authority while some could even hurt the value of a website. Analyzing link equity is an important aspect of an SEO campaign and falls under the umbrella off Off-Page SEO.

Technical SEO site audit
Link Equity Is A Top Search Ranking Factor


Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves making technical edits or additions to web site structure, code and content. This is where On-Page SEO is critically important to determining site ranking. These on-site SEO edits allow search engines to scan, read and highlight key aspects of a web site for better ranking and visibility. We look at over 100 site characteristics that effect how Google views a web page. These range from building a stronger Quality Score, optimizing images and adjusting site code to increasing page speed and building a better search engine friendly web site. For a larger list of major SEO attributes view our listing on the home page.

Content Creation

Google ranking is determined by algorithms and is computer-based. Search algorithms can read site code and content to determine the value of a web page. SEO involves the critical balance between writing content that search engines like and content that appeals to web users. We use tested content structures designed for optimal search recognition that combine with user-friendly content that is informative and represents an organization as an industry authority figure. Our content generation techniques allow websites to feed the correct data to Google while offering web users desired information.

Optimizing For Top Search
Powerful Content That Solves A Search Query Is Critical To Search Ranking


Link Equity

Integrating a link building campaign within an SEO project involves truly understanding link equity. Increased site value and quality are created through links that build trust, relevance, and authority. Link equity applies to both internal and external links. Link building is primarily considered an off-site SEO strategy with internal link analysis being an on-site SEO method.

Web Analytics Data

As a data-driven company, we make decisions based on analysis of analytics and measure the effects of actions we take. SEO is never a one-time process. Continually monitoring and editing a website based on Google algorithm changes and data analysis is what has brought online success to our clients. The more data we analyze the more information we have to uncover search changes and trends emerging within an industry marketplace.

Keywords In A Search Query
White Hat Safe Search Engine Optimization Adhering To Google Terms


Our Safe Approach To SEO

Crevand incorporates researched methods of White Hat SEO and SEM adhering to Google’s guidelines for Webmasters, Content, and Quality. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is based on building a long-term, safe, and sustainable marketing strategy that avoids Google penalties, maintains rankings through core algorithm changes, and protects client websites.

Why Optimization Is Important To Your Business

SEO is a continually changing internet marketing strategy designed to increase the visibility of a website in order to generate traffic from a search engine results page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a direct effect on growing web site traffic by generating higher ranking in organic or natural online search. The higher a site ranks for targeted keywords or phrases the more potential traffic can be generated resulting in higher conversion rates that boost lead generation and online sales.

How often and how high a website is ranked in search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords or phrases correlates directly to an increase in site traffic. Having a website appear at the top of search results builds consumer trust, increases branding, and raises the potential for leads, sales, and conversions. Converting visitors into clients and customers involves keyword research, web copy writing, content optimization, and creating inbound link equity.  Adding and editing code and site content is a crucial factor in optimizing web pages and websites for optimal search engine recognition.

SEO with SEM
SEO Is Often a Main Component Of SEM


SEO is typically a key part of a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. Where SEM includes social media marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing inclusion, paid placement, email marketing, and other forms of online advertising or marketing strategies, SEO has the main objective of raising organic search rankings. Search Engine Optimization includes the study of how computer ranking algorithms work and change over time to analyze the relevance of web pages. It is a delicate science to understand how people search, how search engines behave, and how to generate web authority for high rankings.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research and uncovering targeted search terms are how most SEO companies begin their optimization process. At Crevand SEO we understand that behind every key word search is a much deeper meaning. Google rewards websites that can solve a search query in the most fact-driven, concise and helpful manner. Meaning, targeted search results need to help the consumer solve a problem or give them insight into making a more educated decision. Content and keywords become relevant when they work to help web searchers by solving a query and reducing the need to continue searching (Low Bounce Rate).

A misconception by many SEO companies is to focus on a single keyword per web page and optimize for ranking those rather than understanding what the user query really is about. A query is never just a single word or keyword phrase but rather, a problem, a question or a need looking to be fulfilled. Google is continually increasing its capabilities to understand the real meaning behind search queries with the addition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Hummingbird Algorithm update. Web search is also continually changing with the advent of voice search through mobile and home-based devices. These new ranking factors require advanced SEO strategies for proper indexing and search recognition.

The relevance of a keyword to a search query
Affecting Online Visibility With Increased Search Placement


The Relevance Of Mobile Search SEO

The increase in mobile search technology through phones, tablets, and other portable devices has altered the SEO landscape with Google implementing Mobile-First indexing. While desktop searches still account for a large percentage of search volume in some industries, the number of mobile search queries has far surpassed that of desktop search. SEO tactics and strategies need to be altered to account for this algorithm change in order to maintain top search ranking and continue to rank relevant web pages. Mobile-Friendly websites with AMP functionality receive a substantial amount of traffic through mobile search.

With the arrival of mobile-first indexing, page speed (page speed is the loading performance of a web page, how fast it loads on a mobile or desktop device) is a Google ranking factor. This has increased the value of site optimization and made SEO far more critical to search visibility than before the algorithm change. Page speed affects the importance of image optimization, code optimization, site structure, video optimization, and server response times. Increasing speed ultimately increases the user experience on a website and allows searchers to more easily and quickly access information on a mobile device.

SEMM - managing search engine marketing
Relevant Site Content Solves Search Queries


How Social Media Marketing (SMM) Influences Search Optimization

Social marketing in the B2B marketplace has limited results. The nature of social media is just that, it is a social environment and not a business one. Most B2B social interaction is ‘interruption marketing’, low target and has lower conversions than search engine traffic. But, at Crevand SEO we continually use social media for web promotion. We have learned that if done correctly, the greater impact of social media is not traffic generation but rather, to help build value and authority to web pages. Multiple channel social media marketing creates authoritative links from valuable pages, social users, and groups that can help boost web page value.

Search Engine Marketing Management (SEMM)

Technical SEO incorporates making critical changes to aspects of site code or content placement but an often overlooked aspect of a solid SEO campaign is Search Engine Marketing Management or SEMM. While SEO and SEM involve actionable items SEMM is a broader look at a campaign with a focus on how each aspect of a campaign interconnect. How does Social Media Marketing effect traffic and search engine ranking? How do various SEM campaigns effect SEO and link equity? Where organic ranking is the key focus of SEO, Search Engine Marketing Management takes a hard look at ROI and determining which aspect of SEO, SEM and SEM have the highest rewards per expense. This kind of analysis is completed with our top clients to optimize spending and increase the power of an SEO campaign.