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Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Marketing Strategy

Local Presence and Citations for Geo Targeted Traffic

Local City, State and Neighborhood Marketing

Consumers seeking local area products and services want accurate information about a local business, and they want it quickly. These potential customers are conducting search queries for your company’s types of products and services with PC’s, tablets, and smart phones.

Because consumers and their devices are highly mobile, they may need a service or product immediately from the locale they are searching from. Will your business be the “business of choice”, or will it be a competitor who has Search Engine Optimized their website with local area marketing techniques and strategies? Here is why you need an expert SEO company to build your local web presence.

Local SEO Services

Local area searches are much different than regional, state, or national searches. Local SEO is a marketing strategy that creates high visibility for your website for a specific geographical area or local area. There are specific strategies for local search engine optimization that help search engines understand that you are a local business seeking local area customers. With specific local SEO methods, a local search query for the products and services your business provides will have a much greater probability of being seen by the consumer.

A site that is not optimized for geo-targeted searches will receive site visits from consumers in other cities and states and this will generally not help your business increase sales. However, with local SEO strategies you will be highly visible to interested prospects in your service area which will increase website visits and walk-in traffic resulting in more sales revenue.

Attracting new local customers is vital for continued growth and profitability. If you are the owner of a local business, you already know the value of marketing and SEO for attracting new customers for your products or services. However, you may not know that you can make some very specific SEO changes to your website, and along with implementing several local area search engine marketing programs, the visibility of your website has the potential to significantly increase.

With the rapidly increasing number of mobile devices, the local marketing environment has become even more competitive, especially since your competition has aggressively invested in various online marketing strategies to attract new local area clients to their business. Oftentimes, at your expense. And, to remain competitive businesses must invest in services for boosting organic SEO.

Local Marketing For Businesses

Be Listed First For Local Mobile Searches:

If your business can’t be easily found online for local search queries for your various products and services, then your business will NOT have an opportunity to be considered for these services by potential clients who live in your geographic area. The competitors that are outranking you locally on both the natural Search Engine Results Pages and on the Google Map listings are the businesses that will have the opportunity to be considered for that first phone call, a visit to your store, or engagement meeting. If your business has limited online exposure, your business is missing a VERY IMPORTANT opportunity to generate potential new clients.


Three challenges facing a Local Business:

Success or failure of your business will depend upon how well you adapt to these three key challenges.


  • Online search is now the most common way buyers are finding local businesses. This makes traditional and costly advertising (e.g. Yellow pages, newspapers, radio, tv) less effective for bringing new customers to your business. It is imperative that you have a local presence online to maximize your company’s sales opportunities.



  • Many more local businesses are starting to market online to attract more customers. It’s important that these potential customers can easily find you online as well, or they’ll purchase from a competitor without ever knowing the value of your products or services.



  • If online marketing were simple, everyone would do it. The fact is, it’s very complex, time-consuming, and requires updating as the competitive environment changes. Most small businesses don’t know how to do it correctly and are wasting lots of time. If done right, however, it can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales.


Business owners already have a lot to do during a typical working day which makes dedicating time to local Search Engine Optimization and online marketing activities almost impossible. This results in random, inconsistent, and disappointing outcomes. Even if you’re a larger business and have an in-house marketing staff, they are typically overworked and often don’t know which search engine optimization methods and digital marketing strategies would be the most effective for a local online marketing campaign.

Consumers searching for local businesses

Local Mobile Search

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Crevand can help your business overcome these challenges. Our team of online marketing experts will help your business become highly visible on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing when prospective buyers in your local service area search for your types of products or services. We will create, optimize and monitor your local online marketing campaigns to help your business identify and reach more local customers for increased sales opportunities.

Our proven SEO and SEM agency services for local area businesses will increase website visibility, generate higher traffic volumes, and increase sales. Crevand’s search engine optimization services include:

Search Engine Optimization of your company website

This is the foundation for an effective local digital SEO marketing campaign.

Add Location Pages to Your Company Website

If your business has more than one location, the creation of a unique web page for that location will improve geographical search queries for your business.

Creation of Optimized Content for Local Area Consumption

Creating interesting local content will help validate to search engines that your website is focused on attracting local customers. Content that has a local focus and which is both interesting and current, will attract a local audience that uses your site as a local area resource. Returning site visitors is important for build an online rapport.

Local Business Profiles/Local Business Listings in Google and MSN/Bing

We will claim and optimize your company’s Google My Business and Bing Places business profiles. Because the Google and MSN search engines account for the overwhelming majority of search traffic, we want to ensure these are 100% accurate and optimized. If you already own these two business profiles, we will review them, and enhance as necessary.

Citations (Local Business Profiles/Local Business Listings)

A citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of your local area business which can appear in a local business directory, on social media platforms, and on other websites and online venues. For local geographical search queries, citations help users find the local businesses with the products and services they need. Citations also have a favorable impact on local search engine rankings. We can establish your business presence on over 100 other important directories, review sites, and mapping / GPS sites for greater online visibility. Additionally, we can “clean-up” any inconsistencies on inaccurate citations.

Online Reputation Management

We check your business listings and citations, and if we find a negative review, we will alert you and help you respond.

Local Area Competitive Analysis

It is important to understand how your competitors are implementing their online marketing campaigns, so we can counter-balance their strategies and implement more effective ones.

Local PR Campaigns

We can place your Press Releases and Public Service Announcements on many online web venues to increase your company’s local area visibility.

Keyword Research

This Keyword research will identify unique local area Keywords that will generate traffic to your website, Additional Keyword research is performed to give you a competitive product or service advantage.

Local state and town seo marketingOur strategies work for just about any type of business in most any city or town: Our strategies work for businesses in large cities or small towns, and they work for large and medium sized corporations as well as a small business focused on a local area.

Our proven strategies will work for YOUR BUSINESS!

Final Thoughts on SEO for Local Area Marketing:

As you have already learned, there is a lot of work involved with properly upgrading a website with local Search Engine Optimization techniques and with launching and managing an effective digital marketing campaign for your local geographic area. Eliminate wasted time and money by letting our team of experienced SEO and digital marketing specialists do the work for you or, alternatively, with supplementing your existing marketing staff. We can help you maximize your Local Area online visibility through blending white-hat SEO techniques on your website and initiating geo-targeting strategies to reach the full spectrum of buyers in your geographic service area who are already searching for your product or service offerings.

Crevand will help your customers find your business quicker and more easily!