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Web Development Trends in Boise

Like any city, the web development Boise offers comes from a dedicated company. Crevand is a Boise web design company that knows the location. They offer some of the best options for businesses and organizations to promote themselves online and reach a target audience.


Web Development in Boise, Idaho

So how do they do this? It can be confusing to understand all the trends and popular terms, but Crevand focuses on user experience (UX), branding, and search engine optimization (SEO) to reach all possible customers.

This is the perfect trifecta of online applications for web design. Businesses that use these three design principles are more likely to be featured at the top of Google searches. Consumers will also return to websites that are appealing and work well.

Overall, web development in Boise is cheap yet incredibly robust. On average, a web design project in Boise comes to a total of $3,500. The cost covers an average of 10 to 15 web pages per project. These projects are often finished within 4 to 6 weeks.

Let’s delve deeper into the services provided by Crevand.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a site that allows users to create their websites. Unlike other online website builders, WordPress can be free from the start and allows for upgrades on customization.


Idaho Web Design Services

The services this website design platform offers are some of the best available. With a strong team of people dedicated to keeping WordPress up-to-date and web design companies that manage the backend, it’s a strong choice for businesses.

Multiple companies offer services that are through WordPress. While it has complexities that businesses can handle, it also offers quick implementation businesses need for a quick update.

Boise web design companies like Crevand use WordPress for the long-term use of a project. While Crevand can make beautiful pages without hassle, the client can manage the extended use of the site through the program.

For example, the web design agency will make the website with all the bells and whistles. These are responsive designs for all devices, e-commerce options, and setting-up hosting and maintenance plans.

Then, the client should use this website over the next decade. They will edit any pages if their products or policies change without needing assistance from their design agency.

SEO and Web development Services For Boise, Idaho Businesses

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Users

Making a website must also include a mobile option for tablet and phone users. Many customers will first check out businesses on their phones over their computers. This brings up the need for a responsive mobile design.

Responsive mobile web design focuses on smaller screens to still have full functionality like a computer site. The website size is dynamic when moving from a wide screen to a narrow screen.

Usually, design agencies will create a website that can shift to any of these sites. By doing this, some areas will change and turn into different options, such as a menu icon on mobile versus a menu bar on the desktop.


Search Engine Marketing and Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Design in Boise

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to write content that can be found via Google and other search engines. The majority of people use Google. Therefore, much of SEO development and content writing is made with Google SEO in mind.

And, like in any other location, Idaho has SEO options for this region. Because of the cultural differences in each city, the SEO requirements will change. For example, a company that provides web development to a Boise target audience will optimize a web page differently than to a New York City target audience.

When creating content for a webpage, design agencies look at the most popular words associated with each choice. From the results, the web design agency finds a list of keywords. Writers will then insert them into the writing for your website to get more traffic.


Web development For E-Commerce

E-Commerce Web Design for Idaho Online Businesses

Online sales are beginning to make up most, if not all, of some businesses’ revenue. With access to the internet, Idaho businesses do not have to stay solely within Idaho. Global companies are beginning to expand their business model to include other locations.

With e-commerce, clients and customers from all parts of the U.S. and other countries can purchase services and products that were not available to them before. When looking for a web design agency, it’s important to check how far they can make the website reach.

Not only does the reach of the website is a requirement, but also the design of the products and services pages. Some companies may want the pricing of their products to be shown while others who offer services may prefer to post contact information.

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace Are Poorly Designed Templates

Some business owners may want to go to the “cheaper” option of Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. These are website builders that are marketed towards individuals and businesses that want to design and maintain their websites without a web design agency.

However, there are several problems with this mindset—the biggest being how the templates are designed.

Unlike an agency that can custom-build a website for a business’s needs, a company using one of the builders will be forced into using a premade template. Since Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace need to get the most clients per design, they make them overly simplified.

This oversimplification makes it harder for major changes. For example, Squarespace may advertise an e-commerce page, but it may not fit all types of products or businesses. This is the same for other pages, such as a contact page or any additional pages that may be required.


Custom Web Design and Development

Customer Web Design To Target a Specific Audience

Some businesses may also be looking for a specific feel or theme for their website to reach a target audience. Things like logo design and color palette are minor aesthetic choices that can impact how a business gains an audience.

For example, a pink boho-style website wouldn’t work for a male-based audience. In the same sense, a punk or rocker look wouldn’t be a good design choice for a dentist’s office website. These minor details shape who and why people are attracted to a business’s website.

Hosting and Maintenance Plans

Lastly, web design and SEO agencies like Crevand offer long-term hosting and maintenance plans.

Hosting is the act of keeping a website on a server. Usually, this will also include a custom domain.

Maintenance plans are for updating and managing the website. These could be major edits or keeping up with the current trends. Depending on the agency, these plans will differ on the level of upkeep offered.