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SEO Consulting
Search engine optimization consulting services


SEO Consulting Services

Crevand, a top seo services and consulting company, believes that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign. In this digital age for any discussion related to increasing business revenue, the words “SEO” and “Online Marketing” ultimately intersect. Though separate in meaning, they powerfully connect and merge to form the foundation for a successful Internet marketing campaign.

SEO is the energy that drives every tactic and strategy throughout every internet-based marketing initiative. Importantly, SEO encompasses all aspects of an internet marketing campaign and is the primary component that unifies all online marketing activities.

Consulting For Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generally refers to the constellation of methods, strategies and principles used to increase the value and authority of your website and its content to capture a high organic-ranking and placement in the search results page (SERPs) of a search engine. As consultants we know that, done correctly, these SEO practices will increase the traffic and number of qualified visitors to your website. As a consulting firm, Crevand employs comprehensive “White Hat” methods that do not violate Google’s Terms of Service, yet make it easy for search engines to find your website’s informative and valuable content.

Consulting Starts With A Website Audit
SEO Marketing Consultant for Top Ranking and Traffic


Search Engine Optimization Consulting

A comprehensive SEO consulting services implementation plan cohesively integrates a complementary range of services that include:

  1. Optimizing a website for search engine queries related to your company’s products or services.
  2. On-Page SEO strategies for positioning your products features, functions and benefits to a client.
  3. Off-Page SEO consisting of link building and social media marketing, for example
  4. Strategic Search Engine Optimization consulting services that include SEO strategy development, implementation and monitoring of results.
  5. Web page and online marketing SEO audits performed by experienced SEO consultants.
  6. Content marketing including the creation and marketing of valuable information for customers.
  7. Keyword research and analysis to identify high-value search terms and unique opportunities for customer acquisition.
  8. Competitive analysis of your primary competitor’s digital footprint.
  9. Local SEO strategies and positioning for local area markets.

And, many more SEO consulting services, processes and strategies all designed to build a positive experience and higher online visibility for your company’s products, services and brand.

Consulting For Optimal Ranking
SEO Consulting Agency Providing Site Assessment and Link Analysis


SEO Consultation From Internet Marketing Experts

Our agency’s Search Engine Optimization consultants (or SEO consultants) have a series of extensive and highly refined methodologies that thoroughly analyze and review web pages, digital marketing content and website architecture as well as all of your company’s associated web properties. Based upon this assessment, our agency’s SEO experts will provide expert advice, professional recommendations and implementation guidance for effective online marketing campaigns.

Consulting Services Portfolio
Online Marketing and SEO Expert Consultants


SEO Consulting Services Portfolio

Senior marketing executives and business owners seeking to achieve more natural or organic search engine traffic and high-ranking search engine positions will appreciate Crevand’s down-to-earth approach with non-technical, business-like strategy discussions. All our services are designed to be of the highest quality, well-researched and tested, relevant to your company’s products, cost-effective and safely implemented. Some of Crevand’s SEO consulting services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

An SEO audit conducted by our SEO Consultants is a thorough and methodical process for analyzing your web presence and evaluating the search engine friendliness of your website against current best practices. Conducting an SEO audit of your website is essential for understanding how search engines value and rank your website. The objective of an SEO Audit is for our SEO Practitioners to identify structural, technical and content issues that may be negatively impacting organic search results and inhibiting website visibility.

Off-Page and On-Page Consulting
Web Marketing Strategy and On-Page Audit


The SEO Audit will capture important information about On-page SEO issues, Off-page problems, Meta Tags, link portfolio, website structural issues, site content format and Keyword use, image and video optimization, internal linking structure and many other technical considerations that may be a barrier to high rankings. An important question is how often an SEO Audit should be performed? A recent survey in the SEJ Annual Report: State of Digital Marketing 2017 indicates 47% of digital marketers say an SEO audit should be conducted every six months. Interesting though, the report suggests that less than half (43%) of SEO professionals audit a new client’s website.

Because both market requirements and technology change so quickly, our SEO technical staff perform audits on all aspects of your marketing campaign on a regular basis. The information our expert SEO Technicians identify will provide a solid foundation for developing detailed recommendations and SEO marketing strategies for continually improving website visibility with flexible cost-effective implementation plans.

Link Building Analysis
In Depth Analysis of Keyords and Market Search Phrases


Keyword Research and Analysis

SEO Keyword Research and Analysis is the foundation of an online marketing campaign. Identifying targeted keywords that drive traffic and sales leads to your website is crucial to your digital marketing campaign. Cursory analysis produces an abundance of potential Keyword phrases that could be used in a marketing campaign. However, attempting to optimize a web page or important content for many of these apparently relevant keyword phrases is prohibitively expensive and counter-productive.

A more thorough approach is to refine the search by parsing the initial analysis from different perspectives that include the demographics of your target market, product or service benefits, relevance of Keywords for your audience, search volume, cost, and your company’s marketing goals. Selecting the best keywords that provide the highest and best return is the “game changer” that brings highly interested and highly qualified traffic to your website.

Importance Of Content Marketing
Ethical SEO Consulting Services


Content Marketing with SEO

Creating useful and informative content is a powerful way to increase your online visibility. Our agency will write compelling and informative content using the primary Keywords and phrases identified by our extensive research. These Keyword phrases will be the search query phrases used by prospects searching online for your types of products and services. If you have an in-house writing staff, we’ll teach them about the importance of content marketing and how to structure content for maximum results. Once optimized by our consulting team with proven SEO techniques, we’ll strategically place this content on your website and other high value web properties and digital venues to achieve the highest visibility where it can be accessed by qualified prospects.

Local Site Optimization
White-Hat Search Optimization Consultant


Local SEO

Targeted consulting for local search engine optimization focuses on optimizing a website’s online presence to ensure that its web pages will be prominently displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when a user enters a local area search query related to your businesses products or services. Local SEO consulting services use different methodologies and Keyword Research techniques to identify the top marketing search phrases that serve the local area markets for your type of products or services.

With this data, Crevand’s Local SEO Advisory Services can optimize your web pages, digital marketing content, Local Business Profiles and Directory Listings to maximize your website’s local area presence. Timely and accurate business information along with well optimized content and images for local searches will ensure potential customers can easily find you with whatever device they’re using. Additionally, we will help you manage customer reviews acquired through review sites such as Google or Yelp, for example.

Local City or Town Optimization
Expert Search Ranking Consultant

Link Equity For Digital Marketing

Our consultants look at the many factors that need to be considered for achieving high search engine rankings and to gain more traffic to a website. These factors include a well optimized website, good digital marketing strategies and building high quality links. To rank well in your company’s target market, your website will require many quality links from a diverse set of web properties pointing to it. If many dozens of links point to a web page that is optimized with the right keyword phrases, your web page has a high probability of ranking well for those targeted phrases. These links must be thematic to your industry, come from trusted and authoritative web properties and be consistently built over time to ensure relevance and freshness.

Our SEO Consultants understand that the primary goal is always to have very good links from websites that make good marketing and business sense for your site, and which will have a continuous and positive influence on your SEO marketing campaigns. To summarize, if you want more search engine traffic, then strategically acquiring links from high authority web properties on a regular basis is imperative.

Online Marketing Analysis
Solution and Analytical Driven Consultants

Link Equity Audit and Analysis

Link equity is a major portion of an SEO consulting contract as the quality of links coming to your site is an important element for ranking your web pages. Several of our recent clients have used link-building services from other agencies that were inexpensive and would be considered “Black Hat” by most standards. Unfortunately, these “Black Hat” activities have had a detrimental effect on their website’s ranking.

Using several analysis tools, our SEO Consultants will evaluate your sites link profile by analyzing the existing links for relevance, domain authority, page authority, anchor text, link sources and other key metrics. At the end of this analysis, we’ll have a greater understanding of the value of the site’s links as well as the authority and quality of the linking websites. We also use many of these same tools when conducting a competitive analysis and for acquiring high-value links for your site. After conducting the link audit, we can then develop a customized White Hat strategy for naturally acquiring quality links to supplement and enhance the site’s current link portfolio, and, importantly, be more competitive in your market.

Auditing A Link Portfolio for search engine optimization consulting

On-Page Consultant Services

Oftentimes you don’t need an expensive new website to be competitive in your market. Instead the site may simply need a face-lift, some general improvements such as newly written content or a YouTube video, and an upgrade to the site’s SEO elements. Our consulting advice may recommend a website upgrade and redesign services focused on improving and upgrading the overall look and visual impact of your existing website. Our expert SEO Consultants will significantly improve and enhance the on-page SEO by utilizing the most advanced Search Engine Optimization practices and principles. When the upgrade and website face-lift is complete, the look and feel of your site will be vastly improved. Additionally, the web page content will be focused based on the Keyword Research techniques provided by our highly experienced SEO Specialists. When launched, your newly upgraded site will now attract more qualified visitors who have a greater probability of becoming new customers. Highly optimized sites rank higher and faster shortening the time it takes for a web site to rank.

Services For On-Page Optimization

Website Review and Analysis Research

Do you want to improve your sites authority, visibility, usability, and traffic? Our agencies top marketing and SEO professionals will thoroughly perform an in-depth website review and analysis of site structure, speed, crawlability, on-page SEO attributes, link portfolio, online footprint, and content value, just to name a few. Utilizing both manual and automated methods, we will visually and digitally check, evaluate and analyze more than 100 of the most important SEO, technical and digital marketing characteristics. When completed, we will recommend the best SEO and digital marketing strategies available to improve your website’s overall performance from both a technical and marketing perspective.

Website Review

Reverse Engineering Data for Competitive SEO Strategies

Understanding your competitions digital footprint is an important element for strengthening your company’s SEO strategy. Our consulting services entail analyzing how they are generating website traffic, identifying the key words they believe have value, assessing their on-page optimization practices, and determining the value of their backlinks will provide insightful information that will complement our top marketing strategies. Identifying competitive weaknesses presents opportunities for your company’s marketing campaigns.

Competitive Strategy Analysis

Data Analysis for SEO Marketing Services

Every business is uniquely different and to reach your target market it’s important to collect, analyze and utilize data to create effective online marketing campaigns. With the right data you have the knowledge to significantly enhance and leverage all your marketing and search engine optimization activities. By comparing data from multiple sources, we gain valuable insights into the needs of your target market, competitive strategies, and your website’s performance. This information will allow our agency and your company’s resources to focus on creating the valuable content your prospects are searching for. With ongoing data analysis conducted by our SEO experts, we can identify trends, draw sound conclusions, and make timely adjustments to improve your current SEO strategies. Reliable data leads to better implementation of SEO action plans resulting in more effective online marketing campaigns higher conversions from more highly qualified prospects and higher profits for your business.

Analyzing Data and Analytics

Crevand’s Process for Search Engine Optimization Consulting

The goal of a search engine is to produce the most relevant results for a given search query.

How does Crevand, as an SEO Consulting Strategy Agency, help both your company and the search engines provide the best body of information available or the best and most relevant solution to a search query?

First it is necessary to understand the importance of SEO in an online marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization permeates all aspects of your marketing program to ensure your marketing activities are targeted to the right audience. Fully understanding your company’s brand, and the features, function and benefits of the company’s products or services is the foundation of an SEO marketing campaign. Although some marketing initiatives might yield quick results on a short-term basis, SEO is a long-term strategy.

SEO Is Part Of An Online Marketing Strategy

Conducting thorough research around your product solutions, understanding the market needs, evaluating the competitive environment, creating focused and valuable content, optimizing the content, identifying the best web venues for your content and then promoting your valuable content is a time-consuming process. SEO is not a quick fix, is not implemented overnight, nor is it completed within a few days or weeks. Instead, an effective SEO process initially occurs over several months, then is measured and monitored, and is continually improved as market needs change, your competitor’s initiate new online marketing strategies, or technology introduces a better tool or method.

In summary, Crevand believes Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment that yields high results. Our uniqueness is the methodical research and identification of custom SEO strategies for your company’s market needs. If you want an out-of-the-box, standardized, low-cost project that attempts to address symptoms, we are NOT the company for you. However, if you’re looking for customized, unique solutions for the long-term with a partner that wants to see you successful, then give us a call.