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Hiring an SEO Marketing Consultant To Increase ROI

Search engine optimization consulting firms help clients assess the technologies, methodologies, and content used within an SEO campaign to increase site traffic and business revenue.

Through actionable advice, clients are able to achieve improved SEO campaign results, acquire new customers, rank higher in search engines and generate a better ROI. These achievements are made possible through the full range of digital SEO strategies that an online marketing consultancy provides.

SEO consulting

While “suppliers are competing for a finite supply of user time” (Harvard Business School Aug, 17, 2016)   on the Internet, web marketing and SEO consultants provide a critical view for increasing efficiency, cost-savings and impact of internet marketing campaigns.

By blending Internet marketing strategies with Big-Data for SEO results, an online marketing consulting firm optimizes the success of a marketing campaign, content marketing strategies, and  marketing campaigns for more efficient web growth.

Evolving Digital Marketing Strategies:

SEO Strategies

With evolving search technologies, the rapid growth of business websites being used as a critical marketing tool, the increasing impact of social media, and the understanding that competitors can now exist across the globe, online marketing campaigns need to adapt and grow to remain current with these changes.

No longer is it effective to simply send out an email campaign without following up with a social media campaign. Pay Per Click advertisements can no longer be created without customized website pages that are optimized for audience conversion and that leverage the power of re-targeting and cross-promotion throughout multiple web properties.

It is imperative that web sites be optimized for targeted search terms, rank in major search engines and continually reach targeted consumers.

The evolution of online marketing and SEO strategies has led to the creation of three supporting tiers:

Search Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media marketing

  • Search Marketing: Search marketing and search optimization refers to marketing efforts that focus on bringing visitors in, rather than sending out marketing materials to attract the attention of new prospects. These efforts are focused on making a company easy to find on search engines, improving the web site experience for customers, and using both interesting and engaging content to encourage customer interactions with the company.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing refers to the strategic online marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing content to a clearly-defined audience. By generating valuable, consistent, and relevant content to a targeted audience, content marketing aims to drive profitable customer actions via increased conversion rates.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing refers to the practice of leveraging the power of social media platforms to improve the reach of any online marketing campaign. This marketing tactic focuses on gathering data analytics, including consumer demographics, to create content that is easily shared, liked, and commented upon.

Search engine optimization consulting

These three marketing tiers will improve the overall success of an SEO marketing strategy. Online marketing is now essential if businesses want to remain competitive, avoid the loss of market share, and communicate effectively with past, current, and prospective customers. Importantly, online marketing provides opportunities to differentiate a company from its competitors. It provides the unique vehicle to create a relate-able brand, deliver powerful content, and appeal to customers on digital platforms that they access daily.

Importance Of Data Analytics In SEO

Implementing a strategic online marketing campaign also requires the use of data analytics. Data analytics can help SEO companies better understand their intended consumer base, while also providing powerful insights into what combination of online marketing strategies work most effectively.

Data for SEO

Falguni Desai, a technology and business trends author at, clearly represented the importance of qualified marketing consultants in a recent article about the rise of digital consulting firms. “With the big data phenomenon, companies are now sitting on more data about themselves, their customers, and the markets in which they play. To make sense of these data-sets requires the right software, but also a keen sense of what to measure and how to measure it. ( – 3/23/2016)

SEO consultants must be well versed in data analysis with a clear understanding of campaign goals and which information is essential to warrant deviations in a current marketing strategy. The downside of data analytics is that many of the tools are complex to use and it takes time to review these important figures. Unfortunately, too many companies forgo data analytics in their web marketing campaigns.

An online marketing consultancy is an out-of-house solution that can help companies to more easily conduct data analysis for online marketing strategies to provide the insights needed to optimize conversion rates and increase the campaign’s ROI.

An online marketing consultancy can help companies apply data analytics, data tracking, and re-targeting to their established online marketing strategies. Through these efforts, companies can more effectively target a specific audience, create more brand ambassadors, control costs, and improve the campaign’s ROI.

Strategic Services an Online Marketing Consultancy can Provide:

An online marketing consulting firm provides a wide range of services to its customers. From the top-level strategy at the Senior Executive level to the ground-level implementation of optimized online marketing campaigns, and online marketing consultancy is uniquely positioned to help companies realize their goals.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO strategy development, the transfer of skills, guidance, implementation, and campaign management are all services that an online marketing consultancy can provide to its clients. Additional services include:

  • Review the Company’s Current Overall Online/Internet/Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • On-Site and Off-Site Audit.
  • Review Technical SEO
  • Interpret Data Analytics and Data Tracking Efforts.
  • Ensure the Implementation Process was correct.
  • Evaluate target market.
  • Assess website authority.
  • Analyze Link Portfolio and Link Equity.
  • Evaluate Social Media marketing Initiatives.
  • Evaluate Content Marketing Strategies.
  • Evaluate Inbound Marketing Strategies.
  • Create Compelling and Valuable Content.
  • Phone consultation.

Reasons to Hire A Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Methods and Strategies For Marketing ConsultingAn online marketing consulting firm is uniquely positioned to define and implement an online marketing campaign correctly. Understanding data analytics and tracking is crucial to the success of an online marketing campaign.

However, the task of implementing data tracking and re-targeting efforts, while simultaneously understanding the analytics associated with each tier of the online marketing campaign can be a very time consuming and tedious task.

An online marketing consultancy can easily reduce the cost and time associated with data analytics efforts, while also helping companies realize the full potential of their online marketing initiatives. The top reasons to hire an online marketing consultancy, include:

    1. Improved online strategies for small to medium size businesses.
    2. Uncover new market segments to target, different approaches for reaching a marketplace and provide data to grow a larger consumer base.
    3. Increase search engine traffic by applying knowledge of current search trends, online consumer practices and up-to-date algorithm changes.
    4. Defining goals and milestones for each online marketing consultant to measure success.
    5. Increase marketing campaign results by augmenting current web properties for optimal marketing potential.
    6. Improve the quality of customer leads through effective targeting and pre-selling consumers with instructive content.
    7. Based on analysis of employee efficiency, cost-savings and allocation of current resources advise on which marketing tasks should be outsourced vs. those completed in-house.
    8. Administer procedures to secure that quality control, accountability, and quality assurance is achieved on every aspect of the online marketing campaign.

marketing consultancy for inbound initiatives
Transparent insight is provided for the time, money, and commitment spent on marketing efforts so that Senior Executives can more easily evaluate the ROI for the company’s online marketing campaigns.

Cost-savings, an enhanced ROI, and improved customer engagement levels are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved when an online marketing consultancy implements any of the above strategies. By blending Internet marketing and organic SEO strategies with proven best-practice business strategies, an online marketing consultancy can help companies achieve the overall results that they desire. Specifically, the consulting firm can help companies realize a higher ROI for their online marketing campaign. In this vein, an online marketing consultancy is uniquely positioned to define, implement, and manage an online marketing campaign to optimize both immediate and long-term results.

Updated 2/22/2022

Author: Dan
Dan O'Donnell has worked in the internet space for over 20 years helping clients create a powerful web presence designed to reach targeted clients. As a search engine optimization expert Dan bases his actions on data and testing for safe white hat results that drive targeted traffic from search engines. His specialties include SEO, content marketing and SEM focused on reaching highly targeted market segments. Crevand SEO

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