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Setting the Pace: How Marketing Consulting Service Agencies Reduce Time-to-Market

Speed. It’s a prerequisite for competing in a rapidly changing marketplace. Regardless of the industry or whether it’s a product or service, time has become a vital currency of which no company has a surplus. More importantly, if the competition has a quicker development cycle and a shorter lead time for bringing new innovations to market, it could be detrimental to the financial stability of your company as well as eroding consumer confidence. Strategically implementing a parallel marketing process that keeps pace with the product development cycle and which creates an innovative and creative marketing campaign is vital for a successful product launch. Utilizing an outsourced Marketing Consulting Service Agency to supplement in-house resources can help achieve your company’s time-to-market objectives. Industry leaders who are focused on speed, innovation, and parallel processes rarely last in the marketplace. Conversely, they usually stand atop the podium.

Key benefits of a Marketing Consulting Service Agency:

Increase Speed With Marketing Consulting ServicesThere are three primary reasons for the executive team to enlist a team of qualified, outsourced marketing consulting service professionals to bolster the company’s time-to-market goals and dramatically improve its competitive advantage: 1) fewer internal obstacles to overcome, 2) financial incentive to perform with speed, and 3) outsourced marketing teams typically have broader access to the niche players required to bring a product or concept to life.

Circumventing Internal Obstacles as a Strategic Advantage:

There are few things that can disrupt the flow of progress more than well-intentioned individuals within an organization who want to contribute their input to a job function that is beyond their purview. When it comes to launching a new product or communicating an important message in a timely manner to the marketplace, employing a team of external marketing consulting service professionals can act as an effective mechanism for side-stepping internal politics that may delay a product’s time-to-market. This is not to imply that an outside marketing agency is any less responsible for conducting the due diligence necessary for obtaining buy-in from the internal stakeholders whose input is critical for a successful launch. However, an external marketing team is often unshackled from nuanced hierarchies that can stymie the speed of business operations and processes.

Consulting to focus on Time-To-MarketA marketing consulting service agency is typically brought in for a very specific purpose and focus. Because of the marketing agency has fewer limited opportunities to be dragged into meetings that are off-point, and even fewer chances to be laden with ancillary work that detracts from focusing on the critical task at hand. Once an SEO company has established expectations of timelines and deliverables with senior management, it is the responsibility of the outsourced marketing team to adopt measures that will streamline communications and enable the group to achieve the milestones that were established on the front-end. While unforeseen challenges are inevitable with any launch, an effective consulting marketing team is capable of dynamically navigating uncertainty and solving challenges quickly and skillfully.

Return on Investment: Financial Motivation to Perform:

It is the marketing consulting agency that exceeds expectations and delivers data-driven results that are able to develop the kind of trust required for establishing a long-standing client-base. Results speak for themselves. A pay-for-performance requirement is one of the reasons why an outsourced agency is more financially motivated to prove their meddle much more than the average career professional. While the Increase ROI with a marketing consultantcareer professional is no doubt held to certain performance standards, it is the external marketing agency whose livelihood relies on completing projects on time, demonstrating results, and providing a return on investment for the client. Successful completion of the current project is the motivation that drives the justification for utilizing the outsourced marketing consulting agency on the client’s next important project.

Regardless of whether an external marketing firm bills by the hour or charges on a per-project basis, they are only able to invoice for work performed, making time-to-market a critical component of a consulting agency’s ability to succeed over the long term. Although an internal marketing team may be equally motivated to launch a new promotion or campaign in a time-sensitive manner, there are generally more opportunities for a project to be delayed or shelved indefinitely if a team’s compensation isn’t directly tied to delivering a successful launch. One way for a senior leadership team to bypass the potential for internal complacency is to bring in a team that is contracted specifically to swiftly and effectively drive projects to closure.

Diversified Experience as a Driver of Timeliness and Competitive Advantage:

Experienced Marketing ConsultingAn external marketing agency holds many levels of expertise and skills. And while there exists a thread of continuity in both approach and core competency, each client project is indeed unique in its own way. This may seemingly suggest that new territory means a longer learning curve, and therefore increased time-to-market, but in fact, the opposite is true. If a company outsources its marketing activities to a team with several decades of consultative marketing experience, there is no such thing as new territory as much as there are variations on the ground already expertly covered. Project diversity and prior experience become an asset in the school of real-world education. Nowhere is this more true than in a launch situation where uncertainty abounds and time-to-market plays a significant role in determining a company’s share of the market.

Project experience and diversity means having amassed a trove of skills that make an agency highly adaptable. Moreover, it means the organic SEO agency has developed the network and relationships required to handle any and all situations. Should the need arise for a unique set of talents that lie beyond the competency of the external marketing team, it is more likely than not that they have access to a stable of niche players who can act as subcontractors to a project at a moment’s notice. This, in turn, serves as an asset to the agency’s clients and reduces the client’s overall time-to-market. Importantly, the marketing consulting service agency works as a valued silent partner for the client to cost-effectively complement marketing activities within all levels of the company.



Author: Jim O'Donnell
Jim ODonnell has had a business management consulting practice for over 25 years along with a varied online marketing experience for over 15 years. His business models are characterized by Savvy Business Strategies first before integrating the online marketing initiatives that support the client company's mission and business objectives.

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