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Marketing Case Study

Boost Phone Calls and Traffic

    Marketing Case Study

    How Crevand Increased Website Traffic and Phone Calls

    Marketing case study showing the power of SEO, organic ranking and how Crevand measures campaign success with relevant metrics; phone calls, traffic and an increase in revenue.

    The Client

    Located in the Northwest, the client is a 100+ year old company with 28 locations within a two-state region serving both B2B and B2C customers. They are in highly competitive industry with 1 – 5+ competitors in each location offering the same or very similar services and products. The geographical area is growing at an above average rate, and data shows that they were losing market share to their more aggressive competitors and their slow adoption of the latest digital marketing strategies. The business brand was losing value with a local audience and consumers were visiting a competitor’s location.

    The Challenge

    The problem of reaching a target audience in specific sections of the state would require a marketing strategy of competitor research, content marketing, and tactics for increasing website engagement. The client has been slow to adopt new digital marketing strategies. Their website was outdated, contained inaccurate and inconsistent information on their web pages, online venues and directories across the web.  Their marketing department was understaffed, had a limited understanding of digital marketing techniques, and a small budget. Crevand had to train them to compete in a technically savvy marketplace. The SEO Campaign objective was to increase the client’s local online visibility in each of their physical locations.

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    SEO Campaign Study

    SEO Campaign Implementation

    Crevand conducted a website audit to identify and correct major site structure problems, performed a competitive analysis to better position the company’s services, identified under-utilized Keywords, wrote new SEO and Google friendly content for their web pages, added new product and service pages, fully optimized all their web pages, added geo-tagged images, fully optimized their Google Profiles, optimized other business profiles along with directory submissions, integrated local area marketing strategies for each location, built over 1,000 high authority thematic links to their web pages, and improved their overall visibility with Press Releases and Blog Posts.

    SEO Marketing Campaign Results

    A year-to-year comparison was performed of a five-month period before the contract started with the same five-month period at the end of the contract.

    We achieved an 85% increase in overall online visibility, a 149% increase in views on Google Maps, an 11% increase in requests for driving directions, and a 58% increase in phone calls. Given all the constraints, the customer was provided with exceptional results.

    Marketing Opportunity Summary

    Crevand can provide your business with similar results, whether you are a one location, or a regional or national business. Our proprietary underlying strategies work in all industries and market niches. Importantly, we don’t Sell SEO; We sell digital marketing that generates Leads, phone calls, and sales!

    We sell digital marketing services that increase business revenue. Period.

    Marketing Case Study Results