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Internet marketing becomes very difficult for senior marketing executives and business owners to stay abreast of rapid technology changes, determine which organic SEO strategies to employ, and understand the data that will help their business achieve a return-on-investment for its online marketing initiatives.

As a top Internet Marketing agency, our team of Internet Marketing specialists have been diligently conducting marketing research and analyzing data associated with our Internet Marketing campaigns. Based upon this data, and combined with utilizing the most advanced Search Engine Optimization principles, we strategically adapt the campaigns to evolving market conditions for maximum online visibility for your brand, products or services.

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What is Internet Marketing and How Does it Work for Your Business?

Internet Marketing is an all-encompassing Keyword phrase that refers to a wide range of marketing strategies, techniques, and methods to promote a business, its products, and services, or its brand online. Also called online marketing or digital marketing, internet marketing is the integration of all online advertising and marketing tactics supplemented with highly sophisticated software tools to help drive traffic, leads, and sales from various web properties, email, and social media platforms.

When used effectively, Internet marketing strategies increase the visibility and online reputation of your business through informative content focused on building brand awareness to a targeted segment of a marketplace. The evolution of internet marketing has transformed from a model of direct sales practices to that of building rapport with potential clients.

This process has evolved through providing insightful content and turning your company’s web presence into a resource destination rather than a broadcast portal. The difference may seem subtle to most, but it involves increasing online visibility by offering helpful content that establishes a business as an educated industry leader. Importantly, content that has been well-written based upon Keyword research and the application of proven Search Engine Optimization techniques results in much higher conversion rates, higher organic ranking and at a much lower cost.

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How important is Data for a Web Marketing Campaign?

Data and analytics are the primary drivers of Internet Marketing success. All effective search engine marketing campaigns are driven by data. There is no greater measure in the success of a business than an increase in client acquisition or sales. This is the most important statistic to track. However, in order to increase a campaign’s success, each site visitor must be tracked from the very first interaction to the final sale.

Once data has been collected and analyzed, it must be strategically deployed with targeted campaigns toward specific market groups for increasing awareness of the company’s brand and its products or services. Proper utilization of analyzed marketing data will significantly impact marketing efforts and improve the success of a campaign. When we use data to understand a buyer’s online shopping habits and purchase preferences, specific marketing campaigns can be created that speak directly to similar demographic audiences. With such a targeted approach, each internet marketing campaign’s data can be analyzed to determine its individual effectiveness

Tracking data allows Crevand to make informed campaign decisions for the highest impact and greatest results. Data is the cornerstone of a campaign’s success while Search Engine Optimization heavily influences all aspects of Internet Marketing. Let our SEO and data analytics specialists launch a successful internet marketing campaign for your business.

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How important is SEO in Online Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role across all internet marketing strategies and campaigns. The primary importance of SEO in digital marketing is that it provides a portfolio of highly sophisticated tools and methods to help potential customers find your brand, products, and services from among the many thousands of websites of other similar companies online. The goal is to generate traffic from the organic, free, or natural search results on search engines through a process of making your web page and other digital content highly visible and easy to find, as well as easy to crawl and index by the search engines.

This is accomplished through Keyword research, monitoring data, and the application of SEO principles, all of which are fundamental for attracting an increasing number of qualified visitors to your company website at an affordable cost that will convert visitors to product purchases. These skills are provided by an SEO agency or site optimization consultant.

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Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services

In a successful digital marketing campaign, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two inseparable methodologies that are interlaced to form a successful marketing initiative. Although there are many relevant components that comprise a successful Internet Marketing strategy, the implementation process is important to understand.

  1. An initial conversation to discuss successes and failures of previous digital marketing programs. Review the current objectives for a new campaign.
  2. Conduct market research, conduct Keyword research, perform a competitive analysis and evaluate current website data.
  3. Discuss the results and determine a direction for implementing a number of tactics such as content creation, social media marketing, authority link creation, local SEO or other high-value digital marketing strategies.
  4. Search Engine Optimize the website and all content along with integrating the top SEO principles and methods for each of these strategies and tactics.
  5. Track and evaluate all data from each aspect of the Internet Marketing campaign.
  6. Adjust and tweak the campaign as necessary to improve the data and achieve the initial objectives.

SEO and Internet Marketing StrategyDo not let the simplicity of this process devalue the magnitude of the task and the complexity of implementing SEO principles. In parallel with this process are many sub-processes that have multiple steps and sequences which are time-critical to ensure maximum benefit. For example, creating content for a web page or an article requires Keyword research, evaluating the benefit of the article’s topic, writing the article around high-value Keywords, optimizing the article for search engines, placing the article on a web property that will naturally acquire links, marketing the article to create greater visibility across the internet, encouraging social shares and maybe even distributing an online press release. These are just a few of the sequences. Each SEO process requires continuous monitoring, adding more targeted content, researching the targeted marketplace, link acquisition, and re-optimization when necessary.

Internet marketing is a long-term investment in your business. As new technologies and data analysis tools are launched, competitors change their online marketing strategies, and Google updates its algorithms, a prior short-term focus becomes disrupted and its value is diminished. Adapting to the ever-changing competitive environment and rapid technological advances requires a long-term view. This perspective and commitment are necessary for online marketing success!

Let’s discuss how our top SEO agency and technical advisers can create a comprehensive and forward-looking strategic digital marketing campaign for your business.