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SEO Customer Commitment

Crevand’s Guiding Principles for SEO Services

Crevand believes the customer is central to everything we do. It is our top priority to create quality, long-lasting and collaborative relationships with our clients by adding value to the organizations we serve. We want our clients to feel completely comfortable and confident with choosing us as their trusted Search Engine Optimization Consulting and SEO strategy agency. Our guiding principles are embodied in the following statements:

How We Treat Our Clients

Commitment: We are committed to your success first, so we can also be successful over the long term.

Business Philosophy: We are in business for the long term and enjoy working with clients that have a long-term, strategic focus. SEO and digital marketing is a long-term process that continually changes with technology innovations. Communicating, collaborating and adapting to change is essential for long-term online marketing success and gaining a competitive edge. Importantly, we believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients through continual direct and honest communications based upon trust and performance

White Hat versus Black Hat: We use White Hat SEO strategies and techniques. Black Hat is a process of attempting to manipulate Keywords and Search Engine rankings. White Hat is a marketing service that focuses on positioning your company in the Search Engine Results Pages based on informative and quality content. This type of content provides a valuable solution for a search query with digital marketing methods and processes that are compliant with Google’s Terms of Service.

Pricing and Margins: We charge a fair price for our SEO Consulting Services and our margins are also very fair. We do not discount our services. Discounts devalue our services and our relationship with you. Lower costs result in a lower level of service which in turn, both reduces your ROI and hinders your success. To remain your SEO Service Provider for the long term, we must make a fair profit. We will not be tempted into the trap of offering discounts to gain a new client which would ultimately lower our margins, decrease our cash flow and force us into poor business decisions.

Re-investment: Our fees allow us to re-invest a percentage of our revenue in efficient state-of-the-art software tools, data analysis sources, and the most advanced, innovative training with new technologies. This allows our SEO and SEM Professionals to serve you better and provide your company with the best recommendations and online marketing strategies for your products or services.

Budget: It is important that your company budget a sufficient level of monthly investment to accomplish your marketing goals and ensure your success. We will not provide service to a client who is under-capitalized as this serves neither of us well and only results in mutual dissatisfaction.

Aligned Business Values: Important qualities that your marketing agency needs to possess are transparency accompanied with good business values and ethics. This transparency will apply to every client interaction from communications to invoices to the scope of work. Transparency will lead to increased customer understanding and the ability for us to deliver digital marketing campaigns that achieve results for you.

Partnering: We will continue to find new methods for providing results that support our client’s online marketing objectives, including responding to changes in the market place, technology advancements, and competitive initiatives. Together, as partners, we will evaluate and adjust the digital marketing plan on a regular basis as needed.

In summary, we are committed to providing quality services for organic SEO and digital marketing success!

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