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Infographic With Marketing Tips
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Online Marketing Infographic

Many of our new marketing clients approach us with web sites that have just been created and that have only been live on the web for a short time. We often get asked the same initial questions about things that they can do on their end to help boost their marketing. There is a lot that can be done to prepare a web site for a larger marketing campaign. Some of these beginning steps should take place before a web site is built. For a small business owner, getting their mind around basic online marketing principles can be a huge asset when it comes to planning out the design and functionality of a web site.

Content Driven Marketing

With content being the driving force in most online marketing campaigns, it is critical to consider some key concepts in how in content creation. Length of articles and links within these articles can make a large impact on how a web site ranks and how traffic flows throughout a site. Wikipedia is a great example of a web site that provides quality information, stands as a valuable resource and is built in a format that allows for multiple levels of linking and content interaction.

Below is an infographic with some major points to consider when a business is analyzing the potential marketing impact of a web site.


Author: Dan
Dan O'Donnell has worked in the internet space for over 20 years helping clients create a powerful web presence designed to reach targeted clients. As a search engine optimization expert Dan bases his actions on data and testing for safe white hat results that drive targeted traffic from search engines. His specialties include SEO, content marketing and SEM focused on reaching highly targeted market segments. Crevand SEO

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