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Crevand is a top US-based search engine optimization, marketing, and advertising company. Our SEO Agency focuses on delivering results using a data-driven approach. Trust us to provide the best SEO advice and services. Your digital marketing and SEO services will include website optimization by our team of top SEO analysts, a strategy meeting, campaign management and reports, digital advertising with site content, social media reviews, online company branding and technical SEO strategies.

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SEO is an essential part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. A good SEO agency offers various SEO services that will be tailored to the strategy and achieve significant results. These services include On-page SEO services, Off-page SEO services, and Local SEO services.

On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO refers to all elements that can be found within a website that will be optimized to increase its ranking in search engines. Some of the On-Page SEO elements are:

  • Content
  • Title tags
  • Meta tags
  • URL
  • Site structure
  • Internal links
  • Keywords
  • Site speed and mobile-friendliness
  • Search Console Analysis


Off-Page Marketing Services

Off-page SEO refers to the factors found outside the website that affect its position in search engines. This includes:

  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand mentions
  • Content Outreach


Local SEO Services

Local SEO helps increase your website’s visibility in a particular geographical location. Targeting a local area can give you more relevant traffic as opposed to targeting a general audience. Usually, an SEO agency will offer Local SEO services such as:

  • Website localization
  • Citation building and management
  • Google My Business listing
  • Review management

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SEO is a great digital marketing technique to incorporate with your business strategy. But in order for it to work, you need to hire an SEO agency that will give you the best results and achieve your overall business goals.

“As a top SEO agency, our clients see results from data-driven search engine optimization campaigns. Nobody in our market is using the data that we are”.

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SEO Roller Coaster

Choose an SEO Top Agency For Your Business Website

A lot of businesses have had a roller coaster experience when hiring an SEO agency. Even if try SEO on your own, other businesses will be paying experts and therefore it will be very difficult to compete. Here are some reasons why hiring an SEO agency is the best option:


Top Reasons To Use An SEO Company

It saves time. If you do SEO by yourself, you’ll be neglecting other duties. SEO is a long and time-consuming process and it needs to be monitored and adjusted constantly. Hiring an SEO agency will ease this burden.
It lets you work with experts. SEO is a complex process and you will have to learn a lot if you want to work it on your own. But if you hire an SEO agency, you will be working with professionals who know what they are doing.
You will understand better how SEO works. Working with a professional will give you a much better understanding of SEO instead of going in blind when you do it on your own.
It provides a high ROI. When you choose to work with an SEO agency, it will cost you. However, the time and money spent will result in getting more traffic and conversions.
It is cost-effective. SEO can be costly but it is a great investment for your business. Not all websites are alike and you might only need a few SEO services. By hiring a professional SEO agency, they will identify which services are needed and your money will be put into the right resources.
It will give better results. An SEO agency knows what your website needs to meet your goals. They will optimize your site to its full potential so that it can generate traffic and convert it into sales.
It will help you gain an advantage over your competitors. In SEO, you are not just looking at your website but also at competitors as well. Professionals will compare how the competition is doing, form a strategy, and execute it so that your website will become the authority.
Your site’s SEO will be constantly monitored. SEO is constantly changing so it will need to be monitored and adjusted depending on changes in the algorithm of search engines. With an agency working on it, you will be assured that it is updated with every change to boost your online advertising.

Google Ranking SEO Agency

Google is the most popular and most used search engine by users which is why it is important that you get the top spot in searches. This search engine is also known for frequently changing algorithms and then updating search results so that users will be able to find the most relevant information for their searches. In order to claim the top spot for your target keyword, you will need a good SEO agency.

SEO Campaign: Optimize Site Copy For Digital Success

Delivering top ranking and converting site traffic is what our team of SEO expert researches do every day. Research, strategy planning, optimize and then digital advertising… this is our approach to create the best results for clients. We love the traffic that Google can deliver and understanding this complex search engine is the cornerstone of our success as an agency.

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What Is an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is a team of professionals who are experts at search engine optimization. Agencies offer SEO services that help websites increase their visibility on the search engine, which helps the business grow. Many brands partner up with an SEO agency in order to make their websites the most relevant among all searches, resulting in obtaining the top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Hiring an SEO agency will help you achieve your business goals. However, when looking for an agency, you should make sure that it employs White Hat SEO tactics and not Black Hat SEO tactics. White-hat SEO tactics refer to techniques that follow the rules and policies of search engines. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO refers to using unethical tactics in order to easily get to the top of search rankings. However, if you don’t want to incur penalties and end up being banned on search engines, it is best that you hire an SEO agency which only uses the best White Hat SEO tactics.

Best SEO Company in the USA

If you are looking for the best agency to handle your SEO needs, Crevand is here to help you put your brand on top of search results, gain more visibility, and, more importantly, convert traffic into sales. Our team prides itself on being professional and strategic when it comes to our services. We rely on our research so that we could give your brand the best results that it deserves.

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Is Search Engine Optimization A Waste Of Money?

Because SEO is a long-term process and might seem expensive, especially for a new website but it is definitely not a waste of money. By choosing a reputable SEO agency, you can get back the money that you gave for optimizing your website.

How Much Does an SEO Agency Cost?

Every Search Engine Optimization agency charges differently for their services so there is no exact amount on how much you are going to spend on SEO. However, these standard SEO pricing plans can give you an idea of how much you are going to spend:

  1. Project-based. This pricing model is the most popular and can cost around $1000 to $7000 depending on the size of the project.
  2. Monthly retainers. For monthly retainers, it can cost you around $1400 to $11,000.
  3. Hourly rates. Depending on the agency, hourly rates can range from $75 to $200 per hour.

Pricing To Optimize Your Website For Digital Advertising

Bear in mind that Search Engine Optimization pricing varies from agency to agency and is subjected to different factors such as expertise, location, industry competitiveness, the size of the website, and the current condition of the website. Call us for a free quote.

The Benefits Of SEO Agencies

How to choose the best SEO agency.

The SEO company with the best data can return the best results for their clients. Google is a computer algorithm that makes decisions about which website should rank the highest. Math and data that analyze this algorithm is the only way to continually beat online competition.

What should my digital search marketing agency be doing?

The ultimate job of an SEO agency is to drive targeted traffic to a website and create an environment that can convert these site visitors into clients or customers. An agency, based on research and data, should be completing:

1. Technical SEO
2. Content adjustments
3. Edits to web page Structure
4. Increasing relevance of other On-Page ranking factors
5. Off-Page ranking and Authority building
6. Entity building and Local optimization
7. Report generation to validate SEO initiatives

What is SEO in marketing?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing approach to gain website traffic to either create leads, provide business information or sell a product or service online. SEO is a subset of marketing that focuses solely on building a solid Internet presence for a business with technical coding and research skills. Rarely does it involve tradition marketing methods such as print, TV, radio or mailings.

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What does SEO Management Involve?

Search Engine Optimization involves making technical on-page edits to content, code, images and the structure of a web page in order to allow Google to scan and read content better for increased search engine ranking.  These edits are based on data and edits required to increase search ranking are based on keyword competition. The technical edits need to be made to rank one website page and rank for a single keyword are entirely different for another page and another keyword with different competitors. SEO often entails increasing off-page attributes that build website authority and quality like link building, establishing a local presence, and social media signals.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

SEO is an important part of any marketing campaign and businesses that have invested resources in creating a website need search engine optimization in order to generate traffic to their website.  The Internet is a valuable resource for acquiring new clients and SEO enables a business website to be found by users searching for a specific product or service at the exact time when they need it. Converting these site visitors into clients happens at a much higher rate than traditional marketing campaigns because of the immediate need for the business offering..

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO services can include optimizing a web page to rank high in search results that are not paid placement advertisement. These pages rank high because they have been selected by Google because they return the top result that solves the search query that a user has entered into the Google search box. Organic placement returns approximately 80% of the search clicks. Organic SEO involves making edits or additions to a web page with either content, coding or images to increase the potential for a website to increase in organic search placement. These edits are often referred to as ‘Technical SEO’.

What is local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO involves optimizing a website for a specific geographic location. Much of local SEO involves creating and optimizing Google My Business (GMB) profiles and creating hundreds of other local citations on various local platforms. Localized SEO also includes building unique site pages for locations, creating business authority and controlling the online business entity of a company.

Why use an SEO agency?

Search Engine Optimization is a technical skill that continually changes as Google often updates their search algorithm. It requires research, data and testing that most businesses don’t have the resources to perform on a high level. Expenses involved for software purchases, server costs, employee hours, and years of experience allow agencies to perform SEO tasks at a higher level than companies without a designated Search Engine Optimization department.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

One form of SEM is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising wherein the advertiser will have to pay for each time a user clicks their ads in search engines. These ads appear on top of organic search results and are triggered to appear whenever a keyword related to your product or service is searched by a user.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

PPC can be done on any digital platforms but Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform. Advertisers will have to bid for their target keywords before Google can choose their ads to appear when the keyword is triggered by a search. You can bid for a keyword for as low as $5 and even set up a monthly cap so that you don’t spend more than what you can. Google Adwords listings average between 15% to 20% of the clicks from search traffic with the other 80%+ coming from organic rankings. PPC requires continual spending with immediate results but no long-term benefits. Organic search marketing builds page authority and power that lasts long after payments have ended.