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Search Engine Optimization For Targeted Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization or organic SEO has become an integral part of boosting a business’s ranking in search engines to generate qualified leads and increase online revenue.

Every SEO company has its own strategy and approach when it comes to digital marketing but very few have proven data for organic ranking… pushing client websites to rank high in search results and converting organic traffic for lead generation and online sales.

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What is an Organic SEO Company?

Crevand SEO is an organic SEO agency focused on improving unpaid search traffic and ranking a website high in search engine results pages or SERPs such as Google. Crevand offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to businesses who need online visibility in order to reach their online goals.

“Organic Webpage ranking delivers the most amount of converting traffic across the web.”

Benefits of Organic Traffic

Why do businesses need organic traffic?
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can produce faster results but it’s more expensive in the long run. Money spent on internet marketing services designed to boost organic traffic deliver results that last far longer than Pay-Per-Click spending. Here are some reasons why Organic SEO is a better long-term marketing solution:


  • It’s cost-effective. PPC is only effective if the client is consistently paying for it. On the other hand, using SEO services to boost organic traffic will ensure an ongoing ROI.
  • It increases market share. If a business continually utilizes SEO services, it will give them the edge against competitors and reinforces their top spot in search engine rankings.
  • It provides credibility. Most users do not trust paid website advertisements and choose the first organic search result they see. Ranking a website organically means that you have passed the Google test and this instills consumer confidence.
  • It delivers regular, quality traffic. Users typically pick the top results in search engines for any query they have. Being the first website they come across, means higher traffic and more leads and sales.
  • It covers all the bases of business. SEO helps in identifying what a business lacks or needs to improve for their digital presence. Monitoring the behavior of a site’s visitors is important to design a strategy that will yield strong results.
  • It’s sustainable in the long run. Unlike PPC, SEO is a meticulous process which evolves over time to fit with the ever-changing online landscape. Although it won’t produce results quickly, it will build the brand until it becomes the first thing users look for.

SEO For Organic Search

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Why Is Organic SEO Important?

Businesses should always look at their return on investment to validate their online marketing expenses.

Organic SEO is more effective in the long run compared to pay-per-click advertising and pays dividends far beyond those of paid advertisements. Optimizing keywords, backlinks and creating quality content will give a much-needed boost for business visibility, online branding and web traffic.

Organic ranking gains far more traffic than paid campaigns with numbers, depending on the keyword and audience demographics, of upwards of 75% of on-page user clicks. Paid listings range between 15 and 20 percent of site clicks leaving websites unable to reach a large percentage of targeted consumers searching for their product or service.

Upward Ranking and Growth

Optimizing for Organic Traffic

Businesses who are new to the digital world will often ask how it is possible to reach their target market in such a crowded online market? If a client niche is heavily saturated, it becomes even harder to penetrate the market and gain substantial search placement. So how do they do it? With SEO driven by data, research and analysis! The secret is in the math.


How do you Optimize for Organic Search?

To reach the right targeted market that will deliver results we use a tested process:

  • Keyword research and optimization. Knowing what consumers type in when they look for a product or service is important. But even more important is understanding the content needed to describe these keywords and build a page that fulfills the user query to deliver a top ranking.
  • Research on the competition. Studying how and why competitors rank in search engines is important. What On-Page and Off-Page factors enable them to rank high while other website fall short of the first page.
  • On-page SEO. Keywords are not the only thing to consider but also the website’s design, page speed, content, usability, and user engagement. We analyze over 360 website attributes analyzing how they rate with competitors for ranking.
  • Content strategy. Creating quality content will bring in more traffic to a website especially if it satisfies the users’ needs. Solving a user search query is far more important than content length or stuffing keywords onto a webpage.
  • Natural Link Building. Natural link building consists of delivering quality content that other sites link to as a valuable online resource. It is a safe and powerful SEO strategy for building site and page authority.
  • Hire Crevand SEO Agency. We simply have more research, data and analysis than other SEO companies.

Goofle PageSpeed

Page speed is a ranking factor and diminishing speed on mobile devices increases conversion rates and can boost organic search ranking. Click Here to test your site speed through Googles PageSpeed Insights tool.

Top Organic Web Placement


Delivering Speed and Powerful Organic Ranking

Organic SEO Services

Crevand SEO delivers search engine optimization services specifically for organic search ranking which are designed to strengthen a businesses web presence and deliver quality traffic.

An SEO campaign typically involves, but is not limited to, these SEO services:

  • Site audit
  • Content analysis
  • Schema Integration
  • Inbound links or backlinks examination
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketplace Ranking Analysis
  • On-site SEO
  • Content creation
  • Natural link creation
  • Branding and quality signals
  • Entity and Citation building

Personalized Approach To SEO Backed By Data

Crevand SEO tailors their services depending on whether a business’s market is local or global or depending on the level of competition within a marketplace. We do not do cookie-cutter campaigns.

E-commerce sites also use a different approach in order to cope with the large number of products in an online shopping cart. The methods for delivering SEO success and increasing revenue are different for an online shopping environment selling products than for a company offering services.

Mobile SEO is a critical aspect of all SEO campaigns due to the growing population of mobile and tablet users. Page Speed has proven to be an important factor in ranking web sites on mobile devices.

Schema and Rich Snippets

What are the Best SEO Strategies?

There is no single best SEO strategy. Every website is unique and requires different approach, techniques and strategies to reach client goals.

However, all strategies can be derived from the results of a site audit and competitor research. It allows our SEO experts to address issues and carefully create a detailed plan for the marketing campaign.

Crevand SEO is a white-hat SEO agency that adheres to Googles Terms of Service and Guidelines. Using shady and unproven or tested tactics can penalize a website and prevent it from ranking.

Climbing to the top

SEO Content Services

Content drives SEO and Google ranking. Search engines are a computer that mathematically analyze content. They look at the structure of a website but can’t judge aesthetics, photo quality or color schemes leaving ranking up to page titles, keywords, secondary keywords, word placement on a page and LSI phrases. Content is the driving factor in ranking web pages.

How does Crevand SEO create SEO content?

To create great quality content for a website, here are a few guidelines we adhere:

  • Keyword research. Before anything else, knowing the best keywords in the niche of the business is important. The website’s content strategy will be based on keyword research results. This isn’t just knowing what keywords clients search for but also knowing which words Google deems as important. Certain keywords are necessary to prove to search engines that the content on-page covers a topic, answers a query and is better than competitors. Organic ranking is a competition with the winner delivering the best content to web users.
  • Content organization. Is the content easy to read by users and is the webpage structured in an organized way for search engines to read and record with the main points highlighted? The layout of a website and content structure is essential for good organic ranking strategy
  • Content optimization. Great quality content means it is well-written and matches the intent of the target audience. Combining content, keywords, secondary words, page structure and re-testing this is how we deliver optimal content for organic web placement.

SEO CTR Services

Click-through rate or CTR is the measurement of the number of people who have clicked or visited a page. This is important in SEO because it results in converting rankings into traffic and that traffic into new clients or customers.

How do I Increase my Organic Click Through Rate?

To boost a website’s organic CTR and eventually its ranking, we loom, at several on-page factors. CTR is based on delivering more targeted traffic already in the buying stage of the funnel wile also delivering an optimal user-experience.

  • A/B Test: Test placement of ads and conversion content building the optimal user-experience for each page.
  • Track current CTR. What keywords or pages have low CTR? Google Search Console can show the answer to this question. Identifying the lowest points of a page helps in making a targeted action.
  • Improve the title. Optimizing titles by using emotionally-charged words can better capture the user’s interests. Being able to relate to people with the headlines will get more clicks.
  • Improve the meta description. Just like the title, a description should immediately attract the user. Using powerful and emotional words are key to getting clicks.
  • Use descriptive URLs. Most users click on short, descriptive URLs instead of generic ones. Specific URLs tell users what they are looking for in the page. It’s also where keywords can be put for more optimized search.
  • Adding structured data or schema markup. Structured data can increase CTR by 30%. Rich snippets provide additional information about a website’s content. Information such as ratings and images are displayed on the results page which makes it easier for users to know the page’s content.
  • Improve site speed. The loading speed contributes to the CTR of a site. While users may choose a site based on the title and description from the results page, they might get turned off because of slow loading speed and eventually leave the site.


Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

The key to a successful digital marketing campaign with organic traffic is using SEO to reach the desired target audience and convert site traffic to sales. Some tips and techniques web owners can use are:

Organic SEO Experts, Crevand SEO

Crevand SEO offers the best SEO services for companies across the United States who are looking for successful, high-impact, digital marketing campaigns to expand their brand online and generate converting traffic.

Using the data gathered through extensive research, Crevand employs white-hat SEO strategies to attract organic traffic and increase conversions for lead generation and revenue growth.

Our SEO campaign strategy is tailored specifically for each unique business to target either local consumers, national branding or building a business’s online reputation and web authority.

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Companies and businesses who are interested in Crevand’s SEO services may email us at or call us at (208) 488-3125. Our expert digital marketing staff would love to learn about your company and share with you how we can design an SEO strategy to grow your business.